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The mission of the clutch, in an automobile, it’s to connect or disconnect the rotational movement of the crankshaft to the gearbox.

The clutch is placed between the engine flywheel and the gearbox. Mechanically, the clutch can be considered as a transmitter of torque at an engine speed. Then, the clutch system is responsible for connecting the mechanical power generated by the engine to the outside, and the automobile movement.

The process of connecting / disconnecting the pressure plate and clutch disc occurs every time you start the car and every time we make a change of gear. The clutch engagement process generates wastage of these two components by friction, and it makes that after many clutch operations the clutch pressure plate and the clutch disc get wastage. The habits of each conductor in the clutch make the duration of the clutch pressure plate varies from driver to driver.

When the clutch starts to fail due to wastage of the pressure plate and clutch disc it begins to hear a noise as if a wire had been entangled in the shaft and it was twisting. Then, it will be necessary that you attend to experts to make a change in the clutch parts.

Types of Clutch

Friction clutch. – The friction clutch is formed by a driving part (flywheel) that transmits rotation to the driven part, using the adhesive effect of both components, to which is applied a strong pressure that strongly coupled.

Electromagnetic clutch. – The electromagnetic clutch system is constituted by a steel ring which is mounted on the engine flywheel. Inside this ring is housed a bobbin, that the electrical current passing through it produces a magnetic field in the area of the gap formed between the ring and the steel washer.

Hydraulic clutch. – The operation of a hydraulic clutch is similar to two fans, one plugged and one not, the airstream created strikes blades and rotates unplugged. This achieves transmit motion without any friction and thus the wastage, are avoided.

Major components of the clutch

-Clutch disc

Clutch cover

-Pressure plate

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