istanbul city tour , istanbul tour

You can bring this solution to come to Istanbul for tourists who do not know where to go is now possible. Moreover, cheap and economical way of sightseeing in Istanbul will learn why it is important to each area. The spectacular architecture, historical streets waiting for you for a great time and the hosts pleasant turistlig Istanbul, stores each state with great mysteries.

You’ll see anywhere and enjoy such a story can not listen to the istanbul city tour and pointed with their proven.

Spectacular gorges tour with a magnificent architect to fit your eye and taste the fun and pleasure awaits you in this city. Enjoy shopping, enjoy the nightlife to the fullest.
In particular, Beyoğlu, Taksim, you’ll be amazed with the beautiful houses and his wonderful architecture remaining from an Armenian as EYÜPSULTAN.

Hundreds of thousands of years of culture of our central city of Istanbul in style sultan sightseeing and to taste the spirit of the old historic istanbul tour will be sufficient to do so. The Istanbul will enjoy the different excursions and learning by assimilating the strict sense.

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