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  • primavera p6 , pmp certification , project management covers a range of project management documents such as articles, primavera p6 training videos, pmp certification training notes, lessons learned, and many tricks and tips to pass the exams and become a successful project manager.

Materials and documents are created by experienced project managers in the industry. Experienced people share case studies, different tactics and effective strategies in our blog. Topics include earned value management, contract management, resource and cost management, overcoming challenges, general planning mistakes and how to avoid them, and more.
Primavera P6 Training Materials
Project managers need project management softwares with smart solutions for their projects. Softwares such as Primavera P6 and Microsoft Project make easier to plan, maYeninage and track projects. Our blog includes several training materials and keeps you up to date with new trends in project management apps & software.

Project Management Articles
Project management articles of are very helpful because they give practical solutions for real life problems—the kind of problems you may face in your industry. Each blog contains several tools, advices and techniques. Resources are for those who want to take their careers to the next level. is a collection of fundamental project management resources for beginners and veterans.

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