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AY-SAT OTOMOTIV NAKLIYAT GIDA ITH. IHR. LTD. STI. was founded in 2009 and it is manufacturing Brake Caliper Repair Kits for heavy vehicles with european quality like KNORR, MERITOR , WABCO, HALDEX , BPW ,SAF , Z-CAM ,IVECO, BREMBO and HYDRAULIC.

Over time by performing innovation”MYCALIPER” become a biggest brand in automotive sector. Standards of AY-SAT are confirmed by ISO-9001:2008 / CE & GOST quality certification. Meritor

AY-SAT OTOMOTIV NAKLIYAT GIDA ITH. IHR. LTD. STI. exports products worldwide and customers are always satisfy with it’s Quality, fast shipping and assurance in products.

Mission Statemen

Providing sustainable benefit to our customers thanks to the innovative business models in which we integrated the technology abd our powerful human resources in our sector.

1. To carry out our manufacture on time without any damage or fault. wabco

2. To increase customer satisfaction continuously.

3. To carry out improvement activities for an increase in performance throughout the service delivery process

4. To improve Quality Management System continuously.

* Relaibility

* Fairness

* Honesty

* Creativity

* Service Orientation

* Sensitivity to the Environment

* Team Spirit

* Respect for Humans


To be the most preferred brand in our sector, creating a difference with our service , quality and strives for the best.

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